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Nicky Lawrence Jewellery


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Whilst working overseas I was captivated by the jewellery I found woven deep into the social fabric and history of each country I lived in. While my passion grew, it was only in my spare time that I had the opportunity to craft my own pieces, so in 2016 I enrolled at Farnham’s University for the Creative Arts (UCA), taking an MA in Jewellery. I haven’t looked back – I have finally found my true vocation. Recently I have focused on incorporating blown and fused glass with metals in all my work.

During my Artist Residency at UCA (2018-20), I further developed a range of wearable sculptures ( ‘Coralscape’ ), and a new collection of back lit, blown glass wall sculptures (‘Vertical Reef’). Both collections raise the alarm on the destruction of the coral reefs from global warming and other environmental threats.

Like my favourite inhabitant of the reefs, the decorator crab which decorates its shell with materials that catch its eye, my pieces are adorned with those elements that have inspired me along my journey: marks, patterns, primitive designs and the bold use of vibrant colours.