Frans Wesselman: Imagined Realms


May 04 2024 - Jun 29 2024


Sunday, Monday and Bank Holidays - closed
10:30 - 17:00

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New Ashgate Gallery
New Ashgate Gallery, GU9 7PS

Frans Wesselman: Imagined Realms

Frans Wesselman is a creator whose work delves into the intricacies of human existence, exploring the depths of minds, relationships with others, animals, and the environment. Drawing inspiration from observed situations, literary works such as poetry, novels, and the timeless prose of Shakespeare, as well as the boundless realms of imagination, Frans crafts a narrative that transcends the conventional.

Frans is distinguished stained-glass artist and a printmaker. Frans meticulously shapes glass panels that capture the essence of the human experience. These panels, thoughtfully combined into small installations on a plinth, serve as intimate reflections of the artist’s vision. Beyond the realm of stained glass, Frans undertakes commissions for bespoke windows, ensuring a tailored touch to every space.

Renowned also as a printmaker, Frans holds membership in the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Each piece is a testament to his dedication to exploring the intricate tapestry of human life – the human condition, inviting the viewer to contemplate the intricate interplay between minds, relationships, and the world we inhabit.

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